Division of Net Family Property Back

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, it's imperative that the property division of the parties involved are divided equitably. Should you be legally married (including same-sex couples), the method used to divide property between spouses in Ontario is governed by the Family Law Act. If you are common-law (not legally married), the Family Law Act will not apply to your situation. However, you may have legal rights to receive a division of property under the Ontario principles of law known as constructive trust, resulting trust, or quantum merit.

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Depending on your unique situation; the underlying law of property division can be, at times, complicated and detailed. Mr. Fordjour services clients in the Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Toronto area and can help walk you through the entire process of property division. With his help, you can ensure that your rights - and your assets - are protected and you are well taken care of during this emotionally trying time.

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